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With our believe that it is easier and better to find what you are looking for, if you know what you are looking for, we work closely with you, our clients, to understand the demand and deliver exactly what you need.

We work with our clients as partners, and collaborate closely with you to understand and deliver exactly what you need, tomorrow, next week and next year. You can be sure that our knowledge, commitment, industry experience and local expertise are what set us apart.
We supply innovative and tailor-made services in the fields of Consultancy, Managed Services and Recruitment. Both national and international. With our knowledge of recruitment processes and our expansive knowledge of the branches where we are active, we help our clients find, deploy, and maintain specialists in the best possible way, under the right conditions and completely compliant. We help our specialists find the best challenges with the right companies.
Additionally, we help our clients to organise and optimise their internal and external recruitment and HR processes.

In short, attuning your Recruitment Strategy to your Business Strategy, organising the contingent staff, optimising recruitment of specialists, efficiently expanding and maintaining the existing work force, and all of it completely compliant, against reasonable rates and in a way that suits every employer, that is what WFS PRO is all about!


Assisting you in the ‘War for Talent’ and ensuring you arise from the battle as ‘victor’, by:

  • attuning your Recruitment Strategy to your Business Strategy
  • organising your flextime team
  • optimising the recruitment of specialists
  • efficiently expanding and managing the current population;
  • offering all of this in compliance, at attractive rates and in a way that suits every employer

WFS PRO has developed the following services:

Recruitment services

WFS PRO supplies innovative and tailor-made solutions in the field of Recruitment Services aimed at working with you to develop the optimal working method in the field of recruitment of temporary and permanent employees.


Together with you, attuning your Recruitment Strategy, influenced by trends in the field of the labour market, industry, geopolitics, local politics and economics, to the Recruitment Strategy of your company and the accompanying KPIs.

Managed Services

WFS PRO offers a solution for managing your flextime team and expanding your stable core of manpower. Each with their own legal framework, self-employed persons, consultants, international contractors, payrollees, posting employees and temporary workers.

from our clients

We work closely together with WFS PRO from the early start of WFS PRO (and even longer with Maurice Taks), for recruiting our engineering employees (both permanent and contractors). WFS PRO is aware of our needs and their worldwide network delivered good candidates for our projects time after time. Furthermore they unburden us in regards to the formalities attached to the process and housing if applicable. The cooperation works smoothly.

Nico van der Aar
GKN Aerospace Fokker Elmo

The EWIS Engineering department with GKN Fokker Elmo has a flexible need for employees. WFS PRO supports us during this recruitment for (international) engineers, both experienced as well as junior engineers, who start working at us via a traineeship. We have an open communication with WFS PRO, where we are able to share our needs for our current and future business situation, on that base WFS PRO preselects and delivers engineers. We are extremely happy with that cooperation.

Wim Scholten
GKN Fokker Elmo

Finding motivated engineers with the right specific knowledge and experience is always a challenge. Above all since Defenture is going to a phase of strong growth with various projects. That is why we are so happy having a cooperation with WFS PRO. They have really gone in dept exploring our DNA, with the result that we have came in contact with interesting candidates. Meanwhile multiple enthusiastic engineers have already started at Defenture, which are a perfect added value on our existing team.

Frans de Bruijn
CTO, Defenture

Even in this age of automation and digitalization, ‘people’ remain your core asset. What this core should look like, and how to get there in time is becoming increasingly complex and critical. Here you want to bring in professional expertise to make sure you always fish in front of your competitors’ nets. WFS PRO understands the landscape, went through the effort to properly understand my HR needs, and packaged this in such way that the right people were identified, attracted and eventually hired.

Kjelt van Rijwijk