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Asli about her onboarding

Asli, a 27-year-old Manufacturing Engineer from Turkey, has undergone a successful process with WFS PRO. 

Asli herself indicates that her onboarding process was very successful, thanks in part to everyone being very helpful. Asli also says: “WFS PRO perfectly evaluated my skills and background and found me a position at GKN Fokker Elmo that fits perfectly.”

Her process at WFS PRO consisted of an interview with our Senior Recruitment Consultant Puk Steenbergen, where Asli’s background, experience, and skills were discussed. After that, Asli had two interviews with Fokker, where she started working on a secondment basis in February of this year. In total, the administrative tasks such as her contract, project documents, and work visa only took 20-22 days.

She adds: “WFS PRO values ​​people. Everyone who works with them can feel that. That is really important for people who decide to migrate for work. They know the fundamentals of the staffing process and always strive to achieve a win-win result.”Asli’s process was very successful. Are you also interested what WFS PRO can do for you? Check out our vacancies here