Look for your future job



WFS PRO is a community, where supply and demand come together and connections can be made within defined industries, such as Aerospace, Marine & Offshore, High-Tech Machinery and Renewables. In this way, knowledge and skills can be optimally developed and deployed towards all stakeholders, nationally and internationally.

Our story makes us unique! The human touch is felt throughout the organization. WFS PRO makes the difference in the market. Our database contains all the ingredients to make a great recipe. We make connections that always result in the best match!

Our knowledge of the industries and our personal approach make us a unique interlocutor, for both candidates and client.WFS PRO delivers customized solutions and can draw on extensive and quality talent pools with a wide variety of suitable candidates.

Our staff will engage with you and ask the right questions.They are curious, eager to learn, have willpower and are the perfect conversation partners for our candidates and clients.


We believe that you can find what you are looking for if you know what you are looking for.


By breaking new ground and building a platform where clients and candidates find each other and the connection is made for a perfect match.


We provide customized Recruitment Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solutions.


WFS PRO offers high-quality custom solutions with its Global Work Force Solutions for both clients and professionals.


Always provide the perfect solution for client and candidate.
WFS PRO facilitates the best match!

Core values


  • curious
  • search
  • solve
  • new paths/roads
  • develop
  • future


  • costum
  • reliable (compliant)
  • critical
  • professionals
  • deliver
  • knowledge


  • creativity
  • think different
  • the world/global
  • quest


  • succes
  • War for Talent
  • keep going
  • don’t give up
  • prepared


For the candidate

WFS PRO provides customized services for you as a candidate. Are you already actively looking or still orienting yourself on the market? We take you on a journey of discovery in your career and together we will look for a challenging job that fits your profile and competences. 

From the first contact we make you part of our talent pool. We bring you events, market insights, vacancies and more. You join the WFS PRO community.  Our experienced consultants will engage with you and intentionally get you thinking. We look at your background, experience and ambitions and explore every possibility in search of the next step. Naturally matching your knowledge, skills and ambition.  We will map out your current starting point; whether you are from the EU or not, under what conditions you want to work and the form; temporary, permanent or on a project basis.  

We think differently from others and bring you into contact with attractive clients in our industries, for your best match. And that’s just the beginning of our journey together. 

Once you’re on board with WFS PRO, the journey continues full speed ahead. Do you need support throughout the onboarding process to the Netherlands? Or are you looking for the right kind of training or development? We guide and facilitate you in this.

Your work, our world!

For the client

WFS PRO helps its clients in their search for suitable candidates and optimizes recruitment processes. With our boundless knowledge of recruitment processes and the industries in which we operate, we are developing toward the future. We help our clients identify qualified candidates and deploy them in the best possible way. Through our personal approach, we always find the right solution.

Our experienced consultants get to the heart of your question, search for talented candidates and take charge of the entire recruitment process. Issues such as housing, permits and other preboarding-related matters are also supported by WFS PRO.

Besides job placement, we also offer recruitment solutions; we help our clients organize and optimize their internal and external recruitment and HR processes. In short, aligning the Recruitment Strategy with your Business Strategy. We organize the permanent and flexible shell and optimize the recruitment of specialists. Together we look at your labor market communication, employer branding and candidate experience. This allows us to efficiently expand your existing population and compete in your race for talent and skills, now and in the future. Of course everything is fully compliant, at attractive costs and always customized!

We know how!