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To help your organization win the “War for Talent” and the “War for Skills,” WFS PRO offers comprehensive services. Our services are specifically designed to support you in achieving success in the following areas:

Recruitment strategy: Aligning the recruitment strategy with the business strategy is an essential part of our RPO service. Together we work to perfectly align the recruitment strategy with the business strategy, so you can attract and search for targeted talent.

War for Skills: We manage and optimize, with you, your current workforce. We help organize your flexible shell. Whether it’s temporary workers, freelancers or external specialists; we make sure you have quick access to the right talents, at the times you need them.

Employer Branding, because recruitment is marketing: WFS PRO’s RPO concept is focused on increasing your organization’s exposure to its target audience. Name recognition, branding and identity; we know where, when and how to be visible with the target group.

Labor market communications: Where is your target audience? How do you reach your target audience? How do you communicate? Similar issues about brand identity, profiling, communication and the target group are essential in the recruitment process. WFS PRO has the knowledge and experience to optimize your organization’s labor market communications.

War for Talent: We help your organization expand and manage its current workforce. We help you identify growth opportunities, implement talent development programs, and engage and retain employees. We shape it with you, resulting in a customized workforce.

In-house recruitment consultants: An important part of WFS PRO’s RPO services is the placement of in-house recruitment consultants. The consultants keep the lines of communication short and ensure an optimal candidate journey. They share their knowledge with your organization and take you through developments.

Our services are fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations and offer you a cost-effective solution. We understand that every client has unique needs, which is why we tailor our approach to your specific situation.

Choose WFS PRO and take advantage of our comprehensive services to take your talent acquisition and management to the next level. We are proud to support your organization in the race for talent and skills.