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For a labor intermediary like WFS PRO, it is crucial to comply with laws and regulations regarding flexible work and adhering to the terms and conditions for flexible employees and self-employed professionals.

WFS PRO collaborates with Back Office Partner Carrière. As an ABU member, Carrière is fully certified, ensuring both employees and clients that we operate in compliance. Additionally, as an Authorized Sponsor recognized by the IND, Carrière is also authorized to deploy Knowledge Migrants in the Dutch Labor Market. 

WFS PRO also partners with Dutch Expat Solutions, who support us as specialists in immigration matters. External audits are conducted twice a year to ensure compliance with laws and regulations concerning the deployment of employees (both Europeans and Knowledge Migrants) and self-employed professionals. These audits extensively assess the use of employment contracts and salaries within applicable collective labor agreements (CAOs), as well as the proper use of model agreements for deploying self-employed professionals. WFS PRO Consultants undergo training and are fully informed about relevant laws and regulations to provide accurate advice.