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The Aerospace sector in the Netherlands is an important and thriving industry focused on the design, manufacture and maintenance of air and spacecraft. The sector is of great importance to the economy of the Netherlands and employs thousands of highly qualified professionals.

We have close contacts with the main parties active in the Aerospace Industry, both nationally and internationally, and are therefore fully aware of the opportunities and developments within this sector.

High-Tech Machinery

It is hard to think of an industry as diverse as High-Tech Machinery. Within this industry is all about utilizing advanced technologies; or in other words, developing technology at the highest level. Whether you shine the spotlight on segments such as semiconductors, food or other exciting industries, one thing is certain: this dynamic and innovative environment is brimming with opportunities.

With us, you will discover the boundless potential of the mechanical engineering sector with an eye for quality, innovation and customer focus.

Marine & Offshore

The Netherlands has traditionally been strong in developing and delivering technological solutions for the Marine & Offshore. In terms of production in this sector, our country is successful worldwide with the construction of luxury motor yachts and special (production) vessels, while the Dutch offshore industry has become big with oil and gas extraction in the North Sea. We know the leading parties active in this appealing sector.


Within the Renewables industry, the use of renewable energy is at its core. Climate change, energy transition, CO2 reduction and other developments ensure that there are limitless opportunities within this circular environment.

Thanks to our network in Renewables, we can help you find a challenging and interesting job within this industry.