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At WFS PRO, your professional growth and success is our focus. From the first day you step on board, we look together at what it takes to further develop your career through WFS PRO.

In a competitive environment, it is very important that you keep developing yourself continuously. WFS PRO helps and supports you in this. Whether it’s about your soft skills, learning a language or other competencies and skills you need to grow as a professional; we guide you in this.

Besides a personalized approach, what else can you expect from us? Among other things, we offer the online training platform Goodhabitz, where you have direct access to more than 100 different training courses. In addition to Goodhabitz, you will receive periodic industry news and access to specialist knowledge sessions where you will interact directly with colleagues in your field.

Never stop learning

The online training platform GoodHabitz is available to all our employees. Through GoodHabitz you have access to more than 100 different training courses, for both your personal and professional development. Receive personalized recommended trainings, learn new skills and develop further. Want to know more?



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