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A community consists of a group of candidates with shared interests, skills, educational backgrounds and/or experiences.

WFS PRO offers a community where candidate and client come together and connections can be made within our defined industries, such as Aerospace, Marine & Offshore, High-Tech Machinery and Renewables. We provide a platform where knowledge and skills are optimally developed and utilized.

The WFS Community is considerably large and has different aspects:

Knowledge Sharing
Employer Branding of your organization
Training and development
Market positioning

Building and maintaining a strong community takes time, but it benefits you as a client: It contributes to a shared understanding of the market, it strengthens relationships, and it facilitates effective recruitment of your target audience.

In a rapidly changing world and competitive job market, you want access to your target audience; WFS PRO knows and is in touch with them. By binding them to the WFS PRO Community, you create an active group of potential candidates to which you as a client have direct access.