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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

WFS PRO specializes in providing innovative and customized Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services. Our solutions focus on developing an optimal process for recruiting both temporary and permanent employees, in close collaboration with you. With our in-depth knowledge of recruitment processes and the industries in which we operate, we ensure appropriate and personalized support in finding and retaining talent.

We understand that you have high demands for the recruitment of both permanent and temporary specialists, but also see that good candidates are scarce. Therefore, efficiency and targeting are essential. Together with you, we analyze your internal recruitment process, identify the challenges and draw up a plan.

Important aspects that are covered include: Employer Branding, which recruitment channels are most suitable to get in touch with your target group, the development of your internal recruitment capacity, the use of Referral Recruitment, your cooperation with external agencies and the costs involved.

We also look at how you deal with your current employees. We discuss strategies and initiatives to bind and fascinate them. When necessary, we can also support you in saying goodbye to employees in a proper and constructive way, through appropriate outplacement processes.

Our Recruitment Consultants offer not only advice, but also extra recruitment capacity and effective tools to improve your recruitment process for both permanent and temporary specialists. We strive to optimize your recruitment and provide you with the best candidates on the market.