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As a recent graduate entering the job market, you’re faced with countless potential employers, each offering intriguing job opportunities. But where do you begin? What’s the right way to start your professional career? You might find yourself asking: Do I have enough knowledge for a particular role? Does my ambition align well with my degree? These are questions for which you might not have answers.

A traineeship through WFS PRO is the perfect way to find answers to all these questions. During our traineeships, you’ll get to know the organisation of a client inside out. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of how the organisation functions and your role within it. Additionally, you’ll be continuously working on your development, including both your hard and soft skills. You’ll receive (intensive) guidance throughout the program, and after its completion, you’ll continue to receive support in areas such as coaching and communication.

At WFS PRO, we’re constantly engaging with our clients to highlight the importance of traineeships. Through the implementation of a traineeship, a client demonstrates their willingness to invest in the development and training of their employees.

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of setting up impactful traineeships in collaboration with various clients, including:

GKN Fokker Elmo: Traineeship Electrical Engineering
Over the past 20 years, we’ve recruited and deployed around 80 trainees through a program we established.

CoreDux: Traineeship Engineering
In 2022, we collaborated with CoreDux to set up a traineeship for Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, Quality Engineers, and Industrial Engineers. 

These traineeships provide invaluable opportunities for recent graduates to kickstart their careers and gain essential experience in their chosen fields.

Learn while earning

Embarking on a traineeship is the perfect way to enter the job market and find answers to your questions. Discover what suits you best and get to know clients better. During a traineeship, your development takes center stage, and you can count on guidance throughout the entire process. Want to learn more?



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