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Recruitment Services

WFS PRO specializes in providing regular recruitment services. Thanks to our niche approach within the mentioned sectors, we are experts in finding, recruiting and selecting the best candidates for your organization, both on a temporary and permanent basis.

We carefully map your demand and search for the most suitable professionals. We keep you informed throughout the process and share all developments.

Our Recruitment Services include the following services:

  • Recruitment & Selection: WFS PRO provides candidates who can join you immediately, or after a pre-arranged secondment period. We carefully select and screen candidates to find the best match.
  • Secondment: We offer the ability to deploy employees on a project basis, including the use of independent professionals (ZZP’ers). This enables your organization to make flexible and efficient use of specialized expertise, without long-term contractual obligations.
  • National/International: Our services are available on both a national and international level. We have a broad network and expertise to support your organization, regardless of your company’s location and desired deployment of employees.

At WFS PRO, we strive to provide flexible and customized solutions to meet your specific workforce deployment and management needs.