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Clients are constantly looking for qualified professionals capable of contributing to their organization’s goals and growth. A successful match between client and candidate goes beyond performance during a prior education or previous experience. Clients often value practical experience, soft skills and a professional’s willingness to continually learn and adapt to new developments within their field. An employer who thinks about the development and training of its employees who want to shape their career is of great importance in this regard.

WFS PRO helps you as a client in more than just the search for the right candidates or skills for your organization. Once our candidate has started, in consultation with the client, we start looking at the next step.How is the development going?What knowledge does the candidate have and what knowledge is needed now or in the future? In consultation we come to a plan of approach, focused on added value for you as a client and for the candidate.

In collaboration with various clients, WFS PRO has developed and successfully implemented several traineeship programs in the past years.

GKN Fokker Elmo: Traineeship Electrical Engineering
Over the past 20 years, we have recruited and deployed around 80 trainees through a traineeship program we established.

CoreDux: Traineeship Engineering
In 2022, we collaborated with CoreDux to set up a traineeship for Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Process Engineers, Quality Engineers, and Industrial Engineers.

If you, as a client, require a larger group of engineers or anticipate a specific need for engineers in your organization in the near future, we are here to assist. We are eager to share our experiences gained from working with leading companies across various sectors. Tailored solutions are one of our core values. Together with you as a client, we will develop a program, handle the recruitment and selection of candidates, and ensure the successful execution of the traineeship in collaboration with our partners.