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The Art of Interviewing: Three Important Basics That Are Often Overlooked You’ve secured an interview for a job you’re excited about. This is your opportunity to make a positive impression and demonstrate your suitability for the role. Before you walk into that interview room, it’s important to be prepared with the right strategies. And no

Ágnes Bajna, our Recruitment Sourcing Specialist, shares 5 tips for a strong cv for the Dutch job market. Every country has its own preferences and cultural differences, and this is no different when it comes to writing a CV and applying for a job. Understanding these cultural differences is crucial when applying for jobs, as

In an exclusive interview with Edwin Poldermans, Site Director and Director of Operations at Fokker Techniek B.V. in Woensdrecht, the significant role of artificial intelligence (AI) within the aviation industry is highlighted. With a wealth of experience, Poldermans shares his insights into the current applications and promising future of AI within Fokker and the overal

Asli, a 27-year-old Manufacturing Engineer from Turkey, has undergone a successful process with WFS PRO.  Asli herself indicates that her onboarding process was very successful, thanks in part to everyone being very helpful. Asli also says: “WFS PRO perfectly evaluated my skills and background and found me a position at GKN Fokker Elmo that fits

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Puk Steenbergen works as a Senior Recruitment Consultant. In addition to recruitment, he is also involved in account management, focusing on Aerospace.  Aerospace The Aerospace sector in the Netherlands is a significant and thriving industry that focuses on the design, production, and maintenance of aerospace vehicles and components. This sector is of great importance to

Sven Hessing works as a Recruitment Consultant at WFS PRO and is responsible for the Marine & Offshore industry. He is involved in recruitment, sourcing, maintaining contact with clients, and partially handling sales for the Marine & Offshore sector.  Marine & Offshore  The Netherlands has traditionally been strong in developing and providing technological solutions for

In conversation with Toon van der Wulp, Managing Partner of WFS PRO, about High-Tech Machinery. Toon van der Wulp, along with Maurice Taks, co-founded WFS PRO in 2016. With over 30 years of experience in the recruitment sector, he has consistently worked in the recruitment and staffing industry for highly skilled technical personnel. High-Tech Machinery

In conversation with Luuk, recruitment consultant at WFS PRO, about the Renewables industry. Luuk Mathijssen is, in addition to being a recruitment consultant, also responsible for the Renewables industry at WFS PRO. In his role, he is involved in acquiring new talents and clients. Additionally, he works two days a week as an internal RPO