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Luuk about renewables

Luuk about renewables

In conversation with Luuk, recruitment consultant at WFS PRO, about the Renewables industry.

Luuk Mathijssen is, in addition to being a recruitment consultant, also responsible for the Renewables industry at WFS PRO. In his role, he is involved in acquiring new talents and clients. Additionally, he works two days a week as an internal RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) consultant for one of our clients in Renewables, N+P Group.

what does the renewables industry involve?

Renewables is a broad industry with a focus on sustainability. It mainly revolves around renewable energy, including its development, use, and deployment. This is evident in areas such as solar, water, and wind energy.

Luuk points out that Renewables has many connections with the high-tech sector. “Think of it as a triangle; sustainability is at the top, people are on the bottom left, and technology is on the bottom right. Without people and technology, we cannot achieve the sustainability goals we set. These sustainability goals, in turn, drive innovations in technology.”

The growing awareness of environmental issues, coupled with changing consumer preferences and regulatory pressures, has led many businesses to adopt more sustainable practices. “Technology plays a crucial role in this as well” says Luuk, “and there are already many examples of businesses who have adopted more sustainable practices through technology. For example: smart grid technology, waste management systems, water treatment plants, precision agriculture, and so on. As a result, there has been a notable increase in the number of companies in the Renewables Industry”.

renewables and wfs pro

Renewables is a relatively new and continuously evolving industry, full of innovations. Luuk emphasizes that Renewables always has a connection with the high-tech sector and is therefore an essential part of WFS PRO. Often, developments in Renewables overlap with our other industries, as sustainable practices are becoming important for any company. “This is something we already see much in our clientele, take aerospace where sustainability is the talk of the day. More and more of our clients focus on the development, production, and use of hydrogen-powered aircrafts”, says Luuk. Sustainability has become an integral part of our world and is a prerequisite for developing new innovations.

Not only existing companies adopt sustainable practices, but there is also an increase of renewable companies, which offer innovative products or services related to sustainability. An example of this is one of our clients, N+P Group. They are a family-owned company that started 30 years ago with the idea of creating value out of non-recyclable waste streams by turning it into alternative fuels. This concept has turned into a booming international business, as they have found a perfect substitute for the fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are costly, exhaustible and a big producer of the CO2 emissions. N+P Group’s fuels are none of that and contribute to a solution for our global waste problem by getting rid of all the non-recyclable waste in a sustainable way.

Luuk and his colleagues at WFS PRO support N+P Group in finding new specialists, including technicians, engineers, or financial controllers. – If you can envision yourself working for a leader in the Renewables industry, you should check out our vacancies!

what’s on our agenda?

WFS PRO is currently talking to DutchPowerGroup about a collaboration. DutchPowerGroup provides power plants that convert waste into energy through incineration. They specialize in waste stream management, contributing to minimizing unnecessary landfilling and reusing valuable components. They offer sustainable solutions for processing waste and residual material streams and sustainable energy sources.

These sustainable power plants are the size of a shipping container. Due to their size, they are practical and relatively quick to install, making them easy to deploy. The power plants can be customized to customer specifications, such as adding a drinking water production unit that converts saltwater into drinking water. Besides, providing heat for district heating, steam for industrial use, and cooling capacity for a warehouse are also part of their waste-to-energy solution.

Renewables is a broad and relatively new industry that is continuously evolving. This is reflected in the job market and the development of new education programs. Various types of jobs and roles are emerging. WFS PRO is expanding its network and growing with the industry. So, keep an eye on our vacancies!